Volunteer Needs

Unit "Super" (Support Unit Person & Extra Resource)
  • Oversees the Program Aide Level 3 (PA3) as she leads the unit of 12-14 girls (1st - 8th grade) participating in planned camp activities

  • Offers suggestions and ideas, watches for safety issues, assists in challenging situations, serves as a sounding board, etc.

  • Time needed:  3-hour blocks (9 am - 12 noon &/or 1 - 4 pm) for 1-5 days at camp (M Tu W Th and/or Fri) with optional Thursday overnight

Unit Leader (UL)
  • Works with a group of 12 girls (1st - 8th grade) as they participate in planned camp activities

  • Can have 1 Co-  or Assistant UL

  • Has 1 or 2 Program Aides (PA -- girls in grades 7-12 who will have some basic training)

  • Time needed:  M-F at camp 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, plus Thursday overnight (if needed)

Assistant Camp Director
  • Helps Camp Director with day camp preparation and operation

  • Time needed:  varies before camp (1-3 hours/week), then M-F at camp 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Outdoor Skills Teacher
  • Willing to learn, prepare & teach an outdoor skill to groups of girls at camp -- e.g., knife safety, knots, outdoor cooking, fire building, etc.

  • Time needed at camp:  varies from 1 - 5 days, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Program Assistant
  • Helps Program (Outdoor Skills, Unit Leaders) and/or Arts & Crafts Leaders

  • Time needed at camp:  varies from 1 - 5 days, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Food & Snack Assistant

  • Helps Food Supervisor plan and purchase food for camp snacks and overnight

  • Works with Food Supervisor to plan and teach outdoor cooking activities, if needed

  • Helps Food Supervisor prepare camp snacks

  • Assists Food Supervisor in camp clean-up

  • Time needed:  varies before camp (2-4 hours), then 5-6 hours at camp

Generalist -- I'll go wherever you need me at camp
  • Time needed at camp:  varies from 1 - 5 days, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Transportation Check-In and/or Check-Out
  • Meets bus and checks in campers going to camp, or releases returning campers to authorized guardian

  • Time needed:  varies from 1-5 days, 1 hour in morning and/or afternoon

Camp Set-Up
  • Helps set-up camp the Sunday before camp begins (7/21)

  • Helps find large van, truck or trailer to haul equipment

  • Time needed:  2-3 hours

Camp Take-Down
  • Helps take down camp on Friday of Day Camp (7/26)

  • Helps find large van, truck or trailer to haul equipment

  • Time needed:  2-3 hours

Thursday Cookout Coordinator or Helper
  • Helps oversee older girl cookout on Thursday, 7/25

  • Assists Camp Chef with food planning, prep and assigning tasks to girls

  • Time needed:  2-3 hours before camp, 3-4 hours on Thursday

Camp Patch Orderer
  • Researches most economical purchase (local or on-line)

  • Sends graphic file from designer to print shop

  • Orders patches in time for camp

  • Time needed:  2 hours

Camp Photographer
  • Takes pictures of camp activities

  • Gives photo files to camp director or Service Unit Director for future publicity, etc.

  • Time needed: varies but needs 1-3 hours to capture a variety of activities

Camp T-Shirt Coordinator
  • Gets quantity and sizes of all campers and volunteers from registrar

  • Orders shirts in time for camp

  • Picks up shirts from print shop

  • Sorts shirts into each Day Camp unit and delivers to Camp Director

  • Time needed:  5-6 hours before camp

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