Program Aides (PA)

Being a Program Aide is an amazing camp experience where older Girl Scouts have an excellent opportunity to gain and apply leadership skills, plus build relationships with other PAs and younger campers in an outdoor setting.

We offer 3 different PA programs based on age, eligibility and readiness.  Girls must serve as a PAIT or equivalent before applying for a PA1 position.  Girls must serve as a PA1 or equivalent before applying for a PA2 position. Girls who have completed Grade 10 and have been a PA2 may apply to be a PA3.  All 3 PA programs require submission of an application, references and behavior contract.  All Program Aides must attend their PA1, PA2 or PA3 training before Day Camp begins.

Girls in the PA1 program will assist unit and program staff and receive outdoor skills and leadership training. PA2 participants will be responsible for developing, teaching and leading outdoor skills and other activities in their units.  Those in the PA3 program will manage a unit of campers, under adequate adult supervision.

Placement depends on a girl's level of training, camping skills, knowledge, leadership skills, self confidence, self control, courage, attitude, willingness to help, and how she interact with campers, fellow PAs, and leaders. It is very important that each girl is placed in a level where we feel she will be challenged, but still shine as bright as she possibly can.

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